Why Online Counselling


You don’t have to visit the clinic and hence there is no chance of running into your acquaintance at the clinic and engage in unwanted conversation. Further, your sessions are accessible to only you and your therapist and no one else.


Several international studies including one by American Psychiatric Association have established that online counseling is as effective, if not more, as face-to-face counseling for treating depression and anxiety. Juno.Clinic helps you find the right therapist, which means you’re more likely to stick with your treatment. In fact, 72% of our clients who complete a session continue to schedule additional sessions.

Wider Accessibility

You are no longer limited to using local therapists. With Juno.Clinic , you can gain access to top notch therapists pan India.


You can speak to your therapist anytime during the day from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to travel means you save time and traffic hassle.

Affordable, saves you money

With no need for a physical visit, you save on time and travel expenses. Morever, Juno.clinic therapists charge much less than what you pay at a clinic.

More questions?

Contact our support team at 6364080697 or mail us at support@juno.clinic