Online Therapy
Why Online Therapy?

Many of us at some point in our lives may want or feel we need to talk to someone who can offer a listening ear to help us deal with our issues that are getting on top of us. Mental health problems are increasingly talked about, but unfortunately still sometimes a taboo issue. Being open with a stranger may be challenging, yet to confide in our friends and be completely open and honest also feels difficult. There are a range of options available on the types of support that we can get, but work and day-to- day responsibilities may get in the way of seeking the help that we may need.

The reason such problems can go unresolved and persist until they eat away at us is that . Either sharing with others is difficult in a face-to- face situation, or life pressures make taking too much time to do this impossible without having an unwanted negative effect on other areas in life. Meeting the demands of our increasingly hectic lifestyles and taking the time we need to deal such issues can be a challenge, and , important emotional needs get pushed aside so that we just don’t get the necessary help that could do us a world of good.

In this article , we will go through some of the reasons why online therapy might be the bests olution for you, if you’re pushed for time or find the idea of talking to a complete stranger face-to- face a bit too much:

The wonders of the internet mean that there are unlimited options outside of your local area that you can explore. This considerably expands the resources we can access in terms of the number of therapists and their areas of expertise.
Being presented with all this choice means that we are more likely to find someone who is available at a budget that is suitable. Also, we’re saving on the expense of having to travel to an appointment, or taking time off work to attend a session.
This is a huge factor for many of us. Being able to book therapy services online means that we can fit it into our tight schedules at our convenience. We can also access help anywhere, rather than at a particular spot.
Many of us feel uncomfortable about being seen visiting our therapist, given the unwarranted stigma that is still attached to visiting one. Being able to access therapy in the privacy of your own home can help ease any anxieties you may have about being spotted. Often being in your own home can also provide a sense of comfort that allows you to open up much more about your feelings.
Multiple studies have proven that regardless of whether counselling is given in person or online, it is equally effective. If being able to access it online means that you start to attend sessions more regularly, then this will definitely prove more effective over the long-term.