What kind of therapists do you have? +
We have 2 kinds of therapists at Juno Clinic – Clinical/Counseling Psychologists and Psychiatrists. Psychologists look at patient’s behaviour area and use therapy to guide their thoughts and feelings in positive direction to solve their problems. Psychiatrists are Therapists who may use medication along with therapy to treat the symptoms. Both psychiatrists and psychologists are trained to practice psychotherapy - talking with their patients about their problems. But the differences in background and training translate into different approaches to solving your mental health problems.
How long does therapy take to show results? +
Any counseling begins with your therapist understanding you better and gaining perspective about your personality preferences, needs, and the difficulties you are facing. Each counseling session lasts for around 60 minutes and the frequency of sessions will be best determined by your therapist based upon your personality and the severity of your issue.
Will I be able to speak to the same therapist for every session? +
Absolutely, in order to have an effective therapy it’s important that you stick to one therapist and follow the treatment plan devised by the therapist. Our primary aim is to help you resolve your problems, and so we ensure that you get appointment with your therapist.
Are my sessions going to be recorded? +
No, to ensure privacy and security of data, sessions are neither recorded nor stored. The session will be strictly between you and your therapist and no one will have access to the session.
How can I make an appointment? +
Once you fill in your Name/Email/Mobile details and click on “Book A Session”, you will see a list of 2 therapists; you can select either of them, select timeslot and complete the booking by making the payment online. You will then receive an email with the session link, which you have to click at the time of your appointment. In case of any issues, please contact our team at support@juno.clinic
Is my credit card information secure? +
Definitely! We use an advance payment gateway called razorpay, which uses multiple encryption keys methods to process the payment.
What kind of computer or technology do I need before using Juno Clinic? +
You need a computer equipped with a webcam and microphone or you need a smartphone. Aside from these things, all you need is a good internet connection to meet our therapists using video conferencing. You don’t need to install software; the video conferencing will open in your browser itself.