What is Juno?

Juno Clinic is the first of its kind integrated emotional well being clinic that helps the employees of corporate organisations such as yours, deal with issues like depression, anxiety and stress. Our team of professional psychologists and psychiatrists, with significant experience and specialization are well trained to help you overcome such conditions.

Our team of therapists

Medical Director, Juno Clinic Dr. Vishal Sawant, is a renowned Psychiatrists in Mumbai. He has been in practice for more than 16 years and his special interest areas include mood disorders, schizophrenia, depression, personality problems and relationship counselling.
He is backed by our medical team of 40 full time psychiatrists and psychologists, who strictly follow the American Psychiatry Protocols and have undergone specific trainings for online counseling.

Modes of counselling
Online - video/telephonic/chat
At your Premises
At our Clinic
Services we offer
Online Counselling Service

Employee Assist — This service provides confidential counselling, coaching and support for employees with work and life related issues revolving relationships, conflict, drug and alcohol abuse, stress, grief, loss and many such issues. Counselling sessions can be booked online, with their choice of therapist, according to their convenience.

Manager Assist — As Managers, one has to deal with various personality types within the team on a day to day basis. Personal issues of a team member, change in management, performance discussions etc are just some of the issues a Manager deals with. Juno’s Manager Assist program, helps you deal with such complex issues with sensitivity. This is a simple confidential advisory telephone service. Managers speak to one of our senior counsellors who has expertise and experience in people management issues.

  • One on One counselling (Online)
  • Seminars for New Managers
  • Half day workshop to enable managers to manage complex people issues thru role plays , case studies and knowledge sharing
Assessment Service

Recruitment Assessment — Research shows that cognitive aptitude is one of the most accurate predictors of job success. Our recruitment assist enables you to screen faster, replicate your top performers, reduce employee turnover because you know your candidate’s personality and the aptitude.An online assessment test is send to the candidate, following which your HR team receives a report that provides clear, actionable guidelines to make a well informed hiring decision

Productivity Enhancement

Reduce stress at work Part 1 — Our Programs on Stress Management gives employees a thorough understanding of how stress response activates under pressure and what they can do to manage the same. We give participants actionable strategies to resolve stress with the best cognitive-behavioral techniques to deploy the most effective stress reduction practices . They will learn techniques to build personal resilience , control crisis mentality time pressure and increase optimism.

  • This benefits by
  • Improving individual effectiveness
  • More positive work environment which will improve retention of good employees and attract the right talent
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • We also organise
  • Stress buster seminars for relaxation
  • Half day stress management workshops (Knowledge sharing, activities and creating and creating a plan of action)
  • One on one counselling

Reduce stress at work Part 2 — Following up on our Reduce stress at work initiative, some of the other workshops we conduct are:

Managing Stress & Coping Mechanisms

This particular workshop focusses on not just defining stress and identifying the stressors of the participants, but also introducing them to the concept of coping and sharing some truly effective strategies with them.

Employee Motivation and Empowerment

People are not machines, they do not continue to work at the same level of efficiency every day of every year. Motivation has a huge role to play in employee performance. The theories of motivation are discussed and how intrinsic and extrinsic motivators work.

Alcohol and Smoking Addiction

Aimed to be delivered with an emphasis on making healthy and safe choices, it relays the message --- all medicines are drugs but not all drugs are medicines. During these workshops, we not only raise awareness on dangers and risks of smoking and drinking, but also introduce strategies of quitting it.

Anger Management

This workshop is designed to help you attain the skills you need to maintain emotional control in your professional and personal life. The focus is mainly on managing the negative emotional reactions of others without getting worked up yourself. Reactions such as anger, anxiety, guilt, shame and lack of assertiveness tend to damage your personal and professional life.

Development at work — Organisations that invest in the development of their people benefit from higher engagement, reduced absenteeism and increased productivity and innovation. At an organizational level, we support people managers & HR teams in ensuring that development plans for each individual is managed with the aim to build capability and increase productivity.

  • Seminars for new Managers
  • Half day workshops for young leaders
  • One on one counselling
  • Assessments

Reduce conflict at work — What separates useful conflict from destructive conflict is how the individuals respond when conflict occurs. Our programs enable your employees to build skills in conflict resolution. Managers will learn to apply relevant strategies for conflict resolution. Your employees will learn to demonstrate active, constructive behaviors when managing conflict and scale down conflict at work and manage it effectively when it arises.

  • Seminar on Creative tension
  • Half day workshop for Managers on Conflict resolution
  • A 4hr workshop that includes assessments, case studies, role-plays, and extensive personal experience of dealing with challenging behaviors at work
  • Assessment
  • One on one counseling
Why choose Juno?
  • Employees, more often than not do not get help due to associated stigma, lack of access & poor understanding of treatment.
  • As per ASSOCHAM, over 42.5% of private sector employees are afflicted by clinical depression and general anxiety disorder.
  • The impact of high stress leads to silent cardiovascular diseases, apart from lowering employee productivity due to lack of focus & concentration
  • This ultimately hits the company bottom-lines.
  • Juno has an exhaustive lists of workshops that are designed for content and duration based on individual company needs
The advantage of choosing Juno
  • Dedicated 24x7 psychiatrists and clinical psychologists
  • Carefully screened internal protocols in place
  • Ethical treatment procedures
  • Monthly training for all therapists
  • Internal feedback & control systems
  • Quarterly mandated counselling for therapists
  • Psychologists regularly review patient situations with psychiatrists
  • HIPAA compliant–on patient records, confidentiality etc
  • Treat what is relevant & dynamic shifting between psychiatrists and psychologists as per patient's’ needs
  • Accessible from anywhere through mobile
  • 100% anonymity
  • Unlimited chat sessions
  • Once a week video session
  • Access to all assessment tests
Companies that have benefited from Juno
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