What is Juno Clinic ?

Juno Clinic is a comprehensive mental wellness clinic. We provide counseling and treatment for any kind of psychological or psychiatric issue.

Our team consists of psychologists and psychiatrists, each of whom has significant experience and specialization in tackling issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship conflicts, child behavioral or development issues, addiction etc.

Our clinics are in Mumbai (Khar and Powai) and in addition, all our therapists also provide online counseling through video and audio consultations. All our therapists, based out of Mumbai clinics, are hired only after a rigorous selection process and are also trained to provide online consultation. Clients can choose among various therapists, schedule appointments and have private, secure and comfortable online care through video, audio or chat.

Our Mission

Mental illness affects countless people across India and the world. As per a WHO study in 2011, 36% are expected to suffer from depression at some point in their lives. As per a more recent ASSOCHAM study (2015), 42.5% of employees in private sectors are afflicted from depression or general anxiety disorder primarily because of demanding schedules and high stress levels.

Despite the fact that most of the mental health issues are treatable with affordable and safe treatments, most people do not receive these treatments. This could be because of both the social stigma attached to meeting a mental health practitioner and lack of access to quality health care providers. The total number of mental healthcare providers in India is less than the number of cardiologists in Delhi and Mumbai.

Juno Clinic aims to make counseling more accessible through online therapy. Our therapists are available both at our clinics as well as online for video, audio or chat sessions. This way, those ‘timing, location and privacy’ issues don’t need to get in the way and timely mental healthcare services are a lot more accessible to the general population.

Our Clinical Team

Who are these therapists? Are they qualified? These questions are probably on your mind if you’re looking at online counseling as an option.

Our team consists of both clinical and counseling psychologists with a minimum of Masters’ level education at university. Our Psychiatrists are MBBS with M.D. (specialization Psychiatry) from top medical schools. At Juno, all of our therapists bring years of clinical and practical training and experience to the care they provide to our patients.

We ensure that all of our practitioners go through background checks and have a significant amount of experience in practice. Going online doesn’t mean compromising on quality!