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Our Therapists

Ms Veena Nair

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Ms Kusuma Harish

Clinical Psychologist

Ms Nalina Viswanathan

Counselling Psychologist

Ms Uthara Shravan

Nutrition Specialist

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Why choose Juno Clinic


All the sessions are secured, encrypted and remain strictly confidential between you and your therapist. We don’t save any sessions or logs.


Therapy at the comfort of your home. You don’t have to worry about running into a friend or an acquaintance at the clinic and answer their questions.


We run background checks on all our therapists to ensure that we give you safe, secure & are consummate professionals.

About Juno Clinic

Juno Clinic is an online platform that helps people get online counseling for emotional and psychological problems from our therapists. All our therapists are highly qualified and experienced psychologists and psychiatrists who provide counseling through video, audio or chat sessions. In order for you to have a session with one of our therapists, all you need is a computer, webcam, and access to the internet.

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